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kor27 in koc_luvrs

Two Birds...

I'll be cross-posting this to my own journal, so my apologies for those that see this twice.

Wayne recently asked if I could motivate people to do something about KoC's ratings on Yelp and through Google maps. They're actually not too bad, but it would be nice to push them up.

And I've also had various people ask what they can do about venting about the recent furniture, the Paula/Julz "de-emphasize gay" campaign, and drink pricing.

So. For those who haven't, I'd really appreciate reviews of the bar in both locations, preferably positive. But also honest. And I'd like to mention a few talking points:
  • It's actually never been a gay bar, per se - we've always had nights that were primarily straight, for one thing - but if one were to feel like describing it as one, or a more accurate "gay-friendly", "gay&lesbian-friendly", or "LGBT-friendly", well, that would kind of counter attempts to excise the online gay description, wouldn't it? Not that I'd advocate it, mind you.

  • Feel free to say what you want about the new chairs and tables. Be descriptive. They're not likely going anywhere (they were effectively free to Paula), but it's a good place to vent. And I'd have something to show Julz other than my word of mouth.

  • If you haven't been in in a while, the men's room trough is now a fairly nice urinal, and the odor level isn't bad at all. So that's no longer a concern.

  • Same for the heat. We actually have a very effective heater running now, and it's quite comfortable in there.

  • The drink prices are actually reasonably in line for a gay bar (though some of the pricing is... odd). Mentioning direct complaints, or even that it's a little expensive for a straight bar, well... I'm not stopping ya.

  • And, of course, mentioning that I'm awesome is never out of place.


Why would drinks at a gay bar be more expensive than those at a straight bar?
I honestly can't tell you.

But from what I've been told (I get most of my pricing info from Timmie, who knows these things far better than I do), your average gay bar charges more for drinks than your average straight bar.

Not an enormous amount more, but more.

I doubt that's Paula's logic, BTW. As far as anyone can tell, her pricing schemes are piped directly into her brain by Xenu.

Though it likely has more to do with an inherent inability to deal with numbers.
Everywhere I've been, gay bars charge more. My two theories:

1. Lack of competition. Fewer gay bars mean fewer options for the 'mo's to go. So why not jack the prices? Not like we can go somewhere else.

2. Supply and demand, with a little pretention on the side. We prefer our expensive, high end cocktails over a bottle of beer.

As for KoC's pricing strategy...my lips are sealed.
You mean - you don't want to be the Deep Throat to Martinigate?
ooohhh. my legend as being a "deep throat" has nothing to do with me being a tattletale.

he he he he he
As far as anyone can tell, her pricing schemes are piped directly into her brain by Xenu.

Please, dear $DEITY, tell me she's not a Clam.
Not that I know of. We've never discussed religious beliefs, and I don't expect they'll ever come up.

However, I suspect she's a founding member of the First Church of Dog.
Just don't scare me like that again, okay? ;-)
I suspect, were she Of the Church, that the bar would be mismanaged in quite a different way.
Quite. The bathrooms would be spotless but anyone objecting to the mandatory Will Smith round during karaoke night would get yelled at for being too glib.

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